Look At These Vital Tips To Enjoy Smoking Through A Bong!

Relaxation is one of the most exciting parts of consuming CBD products these days. Due to increase in popularity of smoking devices and accessories, CBD industry is booming! If you are bored with vaping, you can enjoy cannabis through glass bongs. Smoking through a bong can offer a superior experience and relaxation. Due to its portability, users can use bongs at anytime, anywhere! Bongs are available in different materials such as plastics, glass, and more.

Bongs have been around for decades but its popularity has grown rapidly due to the advancement of water filtration systems. With this filtration system, users can experience ultimate relaxation and also it is one of the safest ways to inhale dry herbs. Water filtration system helps you to filter the harmful carcinogens and provide a smooth experience. Read on further to know the smart tips to enjoy smoking through a bong! In comparison to plastics, glass bongs are the perfect option to inhale dry herbs to the fullest!

How to enjoy smoking through a Bong?

If you are using a bong for the first time, you can enjoy smoking on a bong by considering these vital steps!

  • Fill your glass bong with water:

Based on your type and size of a bong, you need to fill water. But, you need to fill a bong with water just above the percolators. It is because percolators help you to experience higher relaxation when you will a bong with the exact water level. With this smoking device, users can gain much more enjoyable experience and relaxation.

  • Crush your dry herbs:

Dry herbs can be crushed on your hand. If you want ultimate smoking experience, you can make use of herb grinder to grind up the dry herbs. If you use your fingers to crush the dry herbs, it may clog on your bowl. It is better to grind the dry herbs using herb grinder to experience higher relaxation.

  • Put crushed dry herbs on your bong bowl:

A bong comes up with funnel shaped glass piece that perfectly sits on your bong joints where you need to put the crushed dry herbs. Close a glass piece with your crushed dry herbs with a small airflow. After putting dry herbs on a piece, you need to close an opening a glass lid.

  • Light your bong:

Now, you need to place a bong on your hand at the right position and keep your mouth over the opening. After that, you need to create an airtight close up and so keep your mouth inside the opening. When you lighten up with a lighter over a glass piece, you can inhale dry herbs continuously. Repeat the lighting process until you will get enough amount of smoke. While doing so, you can enjoy higher relaxation and overcome several medical conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, and more.


Without a doubt, bongs are the perfect option of smoking! Browse the online store and you will find an extensive collection of glass bongs and pick the best on your choice!

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